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February 22, 2018

Matcha tea seems to be an uprising trend as of recent times, wherever you go someone is talking about matcha so what's the buzz all about? Matcha, in essence, is the much stronger version of your average normal cup of green tea. It is the only tea that comes in a powder form rather than loose leaf found in other tea brands. Matcha comes in many shapes and sizes, from the Starbucks matcha latte, to now in lotions, soaps and a handful of other variations that are starting to be utilized in common everyday household items.

This powdered tea has been around since the 10th century making it one superfood that has lasted for centuries. It is packed with an extremely surprising amount of antioxidants, so much that the fine powder from matcha contains 60 times the antioxidants found in spinach in just one single teaspoon! In the process of making Matcha, the leaves are laid out to dry and then ground up to a fine powder. The darker the color the higher quality of matcha. With extremely beneficial advantages, it’s no wonder it's becoming extremely popular. Although matcha originates from Japan,organic matcha green tea powder can be found in just about any continent from Australia, all the way to the United States.

One of the components of its popularity is It’s highly abundant in antioxidants that have been researched to guard against heart disease and similar chronic disease. As if that wasn't enough it's wonderful for your blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction and I’ve saved the best for last. It protects against anti-aging.

In addition, Catechin an antibiotic property also found in this powerful tea, is great for promoting overall health and boosting the immune system. One such catechin which is found in matcha tea is the cancer-fighting EGCG. It is believed that matcha green tea contains over 100 times more of these particular catechins than any other tea available for sale.

While the above sounds great, none of it would be possible if it weren't during the harvesting process of this plant and the potency of an amino acid called L-theanine. By reducing the amount of sunlight the plant receives while still in the fields, the strength of this amino acid increases thus magnifying the calming effect after drinking matcha and also the greeny flavor it has. So what’s L-theanine good for? It’s great for enhancing your mood, lowers anxiety, helps with focus, and increasing your sense of relaxation without the sleepy feeling. Studies on L-theanine show it has a potential of offering neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing agents as well. So, are you ready to sip some matcha? Shop now to get our premium ceremonial matcha shipped to your house!

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