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February 26, 2018

Green Tea is a refreshing tea that is originally from Japanese culture. It was introduced to Zen Buddhists around 100 years ago. It was once exclusive only available in Japan. That many scientific studies have proved the benefits of regular use of green tea. Even before this Chinese had knowledge about the benefits of green tea. They are dried and then transferred to jars so that they can be stored until November. They are grounded after taking out of the jar and then all the leaves. Scientific has approved these beliefs to be right and those the consumption of Green tea has increased across the world.

Green tea also has various benefits. There are many fragrant and herbal varieties of green tea available in the market to pick and choose from. It’s used by many people for decades because it’s known for exceptional quality. Green tea is higher in protective polyphones. The vital ingredient in green tea is the antioxidants. An antioxidant is highly recommended by doctors. Green tea is important to combat the free radicals because they damage our cell and DNA. There are many health claims surrounding green tea from a reduced risk for cancer to weight loss. There is a theoretical basis for the benefit green Tea for weight loss. This will eventually lead to the destruction of immunity of your body system. The consumption of green tea helps to keep the immune system strong.

There is often a comparison between of the benefits caused by consuming green tea VS black tea. Black tea is definitely beneficial but not as much as green tea. Therefore it’s always to recommend choosing green tea over black tea. Buddhist Monks have always believed that the green tea has to help them to stay calm and alert while meditating.

One thing to remember is, you must consume the green tea on a regular basis to exploit maximum benefits. Many Japanese tea makers use granite stone mills for grounding the leaves. Green has tons of benefits that we all know about. They are very effective in losing weight and in maintaining a clean digestive system. Although it medicinally helped to your body it Is no magical herb to perform impractical wonders. You must inculcate a healthy lifestyle along with consuming green on a daily basis.

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